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Moving the project onto 
a social VR platform

Initially Symbiosis/\Dysbiosis iterated as an LBE (location based) but in 2021 when collaborating with Sara Lisa Vogl we thought it would be fun to take aspects of the Symbiosis project and create something purely performance based for AMAZE. /Berlin. Which is Mycelia in VRChat. 

VRChat offers a more immediate output/testing ground along with shader capabilities plus audience numbers (compared to other social VR platforms), possibly now more than ever with its moving into Unity 2022! However, VRChat does not allow its game to be modified any longer and VRC has a troll and nasty people issue to where events have to create special instances to protect their audience members. 

NeosVR. NeosVR while offering smaller audience numbers excelled in what developers and creatives could build and mod. NeosVR dev was often compared to opening Unity within the game. 


Resonite is everything Neos was meant to become and more. At the moment Resonite is expanding its capabilities towards larger audience numbers while enabling full modification of its platform. Web sockets, ai, headless servers, integrated haptics, integrated biodata streaming all through its own Protoflux language- which is a node based/visual scripting language that takes place in real time. You can gather with groups of friends and build avatars, shaders, materials, interactables - all at once! Testing out variables. 

Symbiosis/\Dysbiosis becomes Sentience in 2023. 


nanotopia are early supporters of Resonite 

Video output of development builds

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