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Creating Reality interview, May 2024

Creating Reality interview, as Tosca Terán joins Michael Barngrover for an in-depth discussion about creating VR experiences with EEG and bio-electrical data streams and about her work-in-progress experiment, Symbiosis/Dysbiosis: Sentience, an XR installation created in #Resonite that invites visitors to shed a mediated human form and embrace their multi-species entanglements.

Mushroom Revival Podcast April 2024 & Voices of
VR Podcast

What happens when you make mushroom music and generate virtual reality with mushroom signals? We sit down with nanotopia to dive into an alternate reality to explore the weird world of mushroom signals and the explorative landscapes they create. Podcast Link

Biosonification of Fungi & Interspecies Communication with “Mycelia” performance in VRChat by Nanotopia, _ROOT_, & Metaverse Crew

Podcast Link

Dr Yewande Pearse — Sound Science Episode 18: Forest Undersound w/guest Tosca Teran (09.07.20)

Sound Science Podcast on DubLab​

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