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The Mycelium Network spans the globe.

As a group of artists, technologists and scientists, our works coalesce in forming expanded reality installations and theatrical performances of both live and VR/AR theatre. 

We are sound artists, actors, creative technologists and scientists, puppet makers and educators. 

Tosca is the node that connects us. Her research and work as a GEM member (Genome, Environment and Microbiome Community of Excellence) SUNY at Buffalo, along with working with Aerospace engineer Dr. Valeria La Saponara and the Cahto water protectors in Bio and Myco-remediation measures, our project-based work focuses on the intelligence of the interstitial that forms the living webs around us. 

To see, hear and feel the invisible. Healing our connections within the shared environment. 

Moving beyond thinking of ourselves as isolated individuals


Tosca Terán aka Nanotopia - Nano

Interdisciplinary artist

Fungi wrangler

Tosca is working with artists, scientists, programmers and various fungi towards bringing the Symbiosis/\Dysbiosis: Sentience project to reality. A Bioart related residency with the Coalesce Centre for Biological Art Tosca worked with SEM, Confocal and AFM microscopy captures to better inform the Holobiont and Symbiotic 3D final VR/AR production.  ​ Sculpting 3D assets, collecting biodata, cultivating mycelium, composing world soundscape with various fungi, developing AR didactic information, installation layout, sensor circuitry, holobiont aesthetics. ​ Follow Tosca on Threads @mothantler or Instagram and watch the Symbiogenesis production unfold.  ​ Tosca's Mycelium bio-sonification collaborations can be found here, ​ Sonic work as Nanotopia can be found here, ​


Brendan Lehman aka Neurochems

Neuroscientist/Biodata coder 

The literal ROCK, OG

Brendan has been collaborating and working with Tosca since 2020. 

Biodata streams into Unity.


Resonite + festival Myco-crew


Andrei Gravelle aka Nanotopia

Audio engineer, digital technician, musician

Consulting for installation spatial audio layout & set-up

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 1.20.02 PM.png

Rixx aka Sven Steffens

Creative technologist, Engineer. 

Working with Nano and Neurochems within Resonite. Building systems, creating working with Tosca on level design and physical installation tech set-up. 


Raptoranim aka Anthroanim

3D character modeller, environmental & developer. IRL/Virtual actor. 


Michael Barngrover

IRL and Virtual actor.

 Creative technologist and thought leader with XRMust and XR4 Europe


Selen Lun

IRL and Virtual actor.

 Creative technologist with XR Eventist

Ontario crew, NY and California 


Penelope Walcott

Sound Designer

Working with us on field recordings & the spatial audio Installation.


Peter Henderson

New media artist, graphic design

Developing AR output with Tosca for the IRL installation


Leif Blomquivst


Consulting on Arduino sensor code


Annabelle Paulino aka HungryAlld

Marketing & public relations 


Wade J. Sigurdson, Ph.D


Confocal Microscope and Flow Cytometry Facility

UB Buffalo


Valeria La Saponara, Ph.D

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Davis


Myco-remediation & communication research 


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Ontario for their support.

EEG devices generously provided by Muse™

Micro Cilia scent emitters provided by HapticSOL

Main Cast and Credits:

Main Creator:

Tosca Terán


Art Direction:

Creative Director: Tosca Terán

Screenplay: Tosca Terán


Lead Developer:

VR Supervisor: Tosca Terán

Lead Programmer/Technical Director: Sven Steffens aka Rixx



Rixx, Raptoranim, Neurochems, Nanotopia



Rixx, Raptoranim, Nanotopia


Lead Designer:

Tosca Terán


Level Designers:

Nanotopia, Rixx


3D Artists:

Tosca Terán, Rixx, Raptoranim, İsmail Burak Çendik



Nanotopia & Ganoderma lucidum


Sound Design:

Nanotopia: Tosca Terán, Andrei Gravelle


Technical Team:

Rixx, Neurochems, Raptoranim

Deployment: Rixx



Claire Correia,

Andrei Gravelle,

Isaac Kay,

Hilary Martin,

Riko Okuni,

Penelope Walcott


PR and Marketing:

Annabelle Paulino


Main Cast:

Michael Barngrover, Selen Lun, Sebastian Jure San Martin, Tosca Terán



Nanotopia + The Mycelium Network

Main Creator’s VRography:

Mycelia (2021): Special invited performance Venice 2021, Spirit of Raindance Award 2021

Call to Journalists:

We invite journalists to preview "Symbiosis-Dysbiosis: Sentience" and cover this groundbreaking installation. Interviews with Tosca Terán and key team members are available upon request.

Visuals and Media:

High-resolution images, videos, and a complete media kit are available for press use. Please contact us for access.

Call to Action:

Experience "Symbiosis-Dysbiosis: Sentience" at the Venice Film Festival and immerse yourself in the complex, interconnected world of the human holobiont. Secure your tickets and prepare to engage in a groundbreaking exploration of our environment.

Contact Information:

For more information, please contact: Tosca Terán 

Annabelle Paulino,, (646) 496-2753

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