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Tosca Terán aka Nanotopia 

Interdisciplinary artist

Fungi wrangler

Tosca is working with artists, scientists, programmers and various fungi towards bringing this project to reality. A Bioart related residency with the Coalesce Centre for Biological Art Tosca worked with SEM, Confocal and AFM microscopy captures to better inform the Holobiont and Symbiotic 3D final VR/AR production.  ​ Sculpting 3D assets, collecting biodata, cultivating mycelium, composing world soundscape with various fungi, developing AR didactic information, installation layout, sensor circuitry, holobiont aesthetics. ​ Follow @symbiosis.dysbiosis & @mothantler on Instagram and watch the Symbiogenesis production unfold.  ​ Tosca's Mycelium bio-sonification collaborations can be found here, ​ Sonic work as Nanotopia can be found here, ​


Brendan Lehman aka Neurochems

Neuroscientist/Biodata coder 

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 15.50.44.png

Michael Barngrover

Developer- XR & Photogrammetry specialist

Photogrammetric data into VFX.


Penelope Walcott

Working with us on the spatial audio Installation & VR

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 16.03.29.png

Cale Bradbury

Compute Shaders


Peter Henderson

New media artist, graphic design

Developing AR output


Allison Moore

New Media artist

Photogrammetry captures of Canadian coastal rainforest assets. 

Point cloud data output. 


Andrei Gravelle 

Audio engineer, digital technician, musician

Consulting for installation spatial audio layout & set-up


eif Blomquivst


Consulting on Arduino sensor code


Wade J. Sigurdson, PhD


Confocal Microscope and Flow Cytometry Facility

UB Buffalo

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