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An expanded reality participatory experience.

Please click play while watching video to hear the fungi


Living mycelium responds to the installation's Human presence while creating the forest’s generative soundscape.

Human biometric data coincide with Schumann Resonant frequencies to influence each Visitor’s experience within the environment.

SymbioGenesis creates a procedural fungal growth

Visitors enter the mycelium network run by a mycelial Ai

travelling through Hypha deeper into the network.

An Other-than-Human & human performance space.

Symbiosis/\Dysbiosis depicts a hyper-archive of the future, one where visitors can explore and interact with impossible and invisible worlds of the macro-sphere within Canadian Boreal forest regions & Coastal Rainforests

Mycelial Network

Artists • Technologists • Scientists >


Rough outline of the branching entanglements of Sym/Dys project & artists, technologists collaborating.
Further details can be found here. 

Early to late Fall 2021

Human biodata, Photogrammetry & NAISA

Brendan is working with OpenBCI's Ganglion board and the Emotibit bringing the human biodata into Unity (successfully!) Tosca has completed pressure sensors that are triggered by people walking within the physical installation. Allison has scanned and output point clouds and geometries of Douglas Fir, Birch, and Arbutus. Penelope joined Tosca during her residency at NAISA to collect field recordings in Algonquin Park. 

Into Spring 2022

Coalesce Centre for Biological Art

Tosca is awarded GEM status and an interdisciplinary residency at Buffalo University. Through remote connections and onsite presence Tosca works with Atomic Force microscopy, SEM and Confocal microscopy collecting data sets, imagery for the Holobionts & diving into the mycelium (literally) for Sym/Dys project. 

February - May 2021

Bio-Data & Point Clouds

OpenBCI, EmotiBit, bHaptics, ARTIVIVE
Sponsorship is obtained from bHaptics. OpenBCI's Ganglion and the EmotiBit join forces within the project. Artist Jason Stapleton joins the project. ARTIVIVE join project as partner towards AR SciComm.

Peter Henderson and Penelope Walcott join project. 

December 2020 - January 2021

R&D New Nature grant

Research & Dev Goethe support
Sym/Dys receives R&D funding support from the Goethe Institute Montreal. Funding enables Tosca to reach out to artist, Allison Moore (also a NN participant). Allison Moore joins Sym/Dys.

The project look evolves slowly. 

Toronto Arts Council awards Sym/Dys with Project grant.

August - October 2020

Remote Realities


Tosca is awarded a 3-month residency towards building and testing a 1st iteration of Symbiosis/\Dysbiosis.

Neuroscientist/coder, Brendan Lehman joins the Sym/Dys project 


Tosca starts conceptualizing Symbiosis/Dysbiosis coming from her work with mycelium bio-sonification. In 2019 and 2020 she began looking into methods towards integrating real-time biodata with Unity. Tosca participates in a Biodata into Unity workshop held at, instructor: Brendan Lehman 

May - December 2020

Goethe-Institute Montreal holds climate science exchange introducing presenting artists, technologists, scientists & partners

During the NN exchange Tosca shares her project concept with participants. 

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The Mycelial Network crew is always open to connect! 

Please feel free to reach out. 

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