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Center for
Biological Art


SUNY Buffalo, USA


2021 - 2022

Tosca is an invited GEM Coalesce artist in residence 

GEM = Genome, Environment, Microbial community of excellence

SEM, Confocal, AFM & 3D output: 

One goal is to show what our shared environment looks like on a microscopic level, what ‘we' human-Holobionts look like, with a strong scientific/educational emphasis.

On a microscopic level borders and boundaries collapse, our shared environment becomes more apparent.


Photogrammetry scans output as point clouds by their very nature appear as particles, spores, microbial. 

Working with SEM/AFM imagery, Tosca is interested in capturing sequences moving into polypore fungus, hyphal mycelium, human epidural biome, and microbes living on/populating the surface of various fungi collected from Boreal forest regions located in Ontario, Canada.


Exploring  ways of creating 3D output from SEM specimen. 


Scanned images will be used in creating a VR environment and sample testing interactive VR builds through touch and sound. 

Images coming soon!

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